The Debrecen Sports Center will receive a grant of HUF 750 million – awards were also distributed


The Debrecen Sportcentrum-Sportiskola held an awards ceremony on Wednesday, June 16. In the VIP hall of the Nagyerdei Stadium, Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa emphasized that the activities of the Sportcentrum are outstanding in our city, which also plays a key role in sports, receiving support of about HUF 750 million this year, most of which can be spent on operating the facility.

In his speech, András Becsky, the managing director of Sportcentrum, referred to the missed competitions of the past year but added that there were a number of results that DSC-SI can be proud of.

Following this, the best of the departments were awarded:

Luca Kozák was the best of the year 2020 for the athletes, Fanni Sútores for the judoists, Balázs Berki for the football players, and Kristóf Tóth for the badminton players. The athlete of the year was Luca Kozák, who already had a Tokyo quota, and his coach, László Suba, received the award for the best coach. The main sponsor of the year was the BUMET group of companies, which has been supporting the departments of the Debrecen Sportcentrum-Sportiskola since the 2016/17 season. In the last four years, DSC-SI owes more than 73 Mft to the members of the group. The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Mihály Kozma, the former 220-fold futsal federal captain, the head of the football department.

László Bárány, as an individual, announced that, as in the last two years, he and his sons and family will support the three talented, well-future competitors and coaches of DSC-SI in the future, namely the athlete K.Szabó Gabriella, the juggling Pusztai Botond and the swimmer Ferenc Sombori-Szalontai.

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