Fierce matches await the Debrecen Football Academy


The U19s from Debrecen, who are in the 6th place in the table, will visit the home of the 3rd Honvéd. The match starts at noon on Saturday. Scoring would fall into the category of feat, DVSC writes on its website.

For the U17s, the 5th DLA will receive the 7th MTK in Pallagon from 2.30 pm, while the 7th-ranked U16s would have hosted the 4th Puskás Academy also on Saturday, from 2 pm.

This match will be canceled at the request of the Felcsút due to illness and is scheduled to be replaced on Wednesday, May 19 at 1 p.m.

The 2nd U15 and the top U14 will play away against Vasas, with a realistic chance of winning from 13.30 and 11.30 respectively.

On Sunday, the performance of the DLA formations U13 and U12 will remain in Mezőkövesd. Meetings will be closed goalkeepers, but there will be online streaming here.

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