Two-time champion footballer was wanted by police


Due to drunk driving, the Debrecen police circled 35-year-old L. R., who with DVSC can claim to be a two-time Hungarian champion (2010, 2012) and a two-time Hungarian Cup winner (2012, 2013), as well as a League Cup winner (2010).

R. has played in 107 matches for Loki in NB I and is currently a third-class Füzesgyarmat player. Tibor Boros, head of the Füzesgyarmat SK department, told the Békés County Sports Extra that they were shocked to learn about the case at the club, of which they were unaware.

“In connection with the case, the player informed our club that during a case of drunk driving in 2019, his license was revoked, which he later regained, but did not pay the full amount of the fine imposed on him. He also indicated that the team will not be able to show up for Thursday’s training because he is consulting with his lawyers. In order to reach any formal resolution, we need to find out more about the matter. ”

Said the sports manager.

He don’t have to go to jail

R. paid the fine imposed on him during the week. So he no longer wanted by the police.

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