V. International Curling Bonspiel Cup in Debrecen


Ice Centre of Debrecen organises the V. International Curling Bonspiel Cup with 28 teams of 8 countries.

Ice Centre gives home to the Fifth International Curling Bonspiel Cup between 27th and 29th of July. 28 teams of 8 nations are competing on the tournament. This year’s amateur and professional players came from Slovakia, Denmark, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Austria and Romania and Hungary. The Hungarian teams are the followings: men, senior men, mixed doubles and women.

The competition started on 27th July, 1:45 am with an official opening ceremony and lasted until 8.45 pm. On 28th July, the teams are playing according to the gradation that was set up in the first rounds. Today’s matches are lasting from 8 am till 10 pm.

On Sunday the matches will start at 8 am, the finals will be played from 3.15 pm. The tournament will end with a ceremony when the winning teams will get their cups.

The entrance to the competition is free for everyone.

For further information: www.debrecencurling.com

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