Poker player from Debrecen may win 2 billion


Las Vegas, Debrecen – Árpád Koroknai got into the finals of the Poker Championship in Las Vegas. He already won 180 million forints.

According to the Hungarian Poker Association there are 6,598 participants of the “no limit hold’em” tournament. In this kind of game the bid has no upper limit. The “no limit hold’em” is the most popular version of the game, which is also well known from TV broadcasts.

Koroknai as the holder of the second place can sit to the table with the 2nd greatest sum money. The game will be held between 28-30 of October.

In the worst case the Hungarian player would win $ 754,798 (about 177 million forints), while the ultimate winner can earn $ 8,527,982 (approximately 2 billion forints).

It is not the first great success for Árpád Koroknai, the 30 years old poker player from Debrecen. Two years ago he won $ 350 million forints in a prestigious tournament in Las Vegas, which is Hungary’s largest poker winnings of all time.

The previous player heading the list was Dénes Kaló, who earned a larger sum in dollars in 2008 than that of Koroknai, but due to the exchange rate it worth less in forints.

According to experts Koroknai – who is nicknamed Fröccsös Kori (Spritz Kori) has an aggressive play style, his strength is adaptability, persistence, and that he strictly controls his bankroll.


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