A nurse tried to kill her mother


The nurse who was about to kill her mother was legally sentenced to eleven years in prison, the Debrecen Court of Appeal upheld the first instance verdict.

Ildikó Fórizs wrote in her statement that in November 2023, the Egri Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to eleven years in prison for premeditated attempted murder.

The court permanently banned the accused from practicing nursing, who cannot be released on parole. The accused and her lawyer appealed against the sentence for acquittal, so the case was brought to the Debrecen Court of Appeals.

According to the facts established by the first-instance court, the accused was a qualified nurse at the hospital in Gyöngyös. In 2021, the accused’s mother was transferred to the institution’s internal medicine department, where her daughter worked as a nurse.

In September 2021, the accused tried to overdose the victim’s medication using an infusion to cause her death.

As a result of the drug overdose, the victim was in a serious, life-threatening condition, and his life was saved only by the quick intervention in the intensive care unit of the hospital and the subsequent several weeks of treatment.


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