Pig thieves were caught by the Hajdú-Bihar county police


On September 10, 2023, a representative of a farm located in the Tiszacsege area reported the disappearance of five pigs, the police said.

The police tried to obtain as much information as possible on the spot, and quickly realized that the workers there could have participated in the commission of the crime.

As it turned out, one of the company’s employees was behind this. He looked for a buyer, whom he called to the premises for the agreed time, then told five of his colleagues to help herd the animals onto the transporter. He also informed his fellow employees that the management did not know about this deal, but assured them that everyone would be paid for their contribution. Upon the arrival of the buyer, all five pigs were weighed for authenticity and accurate billing, and then they were herded onto the trailer one by one.

During the interrogation of the suspect, the 47-year-old man made a detailed confession, according to which he wanted to add a little to their salary. The police found the animals and returned them to the owner of the farm. The Balmazújváros Police Department investigated the mastermind and his companions for the offense of theft. The police performed the necessary procedural actions and sent the documents to the prosecutor’s office.


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