Sentence announcement in the case of the two Serbian brothers who wanted to rob a jewelry store in Debrecen


The Debrecen Court of Justice announces its verdict in the case of the two Serbian defendants, who were charged by the prosecutor’s office with attempted armed robbery of significant value and attempted serious bodily injury as accomplices.

According to the indictment, the Serbian brothers were in transit in Hungary in January 2022, visiting their acquaintances in Debrecen. Around January 20, 2022, the older man noticed a small jewelry store in downtown Debrecen and noticed that only one person was working there. The man entered the store and gave the impression that he wanted to buy a gold chain, while he surveyed the environment and the store’s inventory. The defendant finally agreed with the seller that he wanted thicker jewelry, which the victim ordered for him.

The brother and sister then agreed to rob the selected jewelry store. The older man obtained a gas-alarm weapon, and his brother took a sports bag and several quick-tie fasteners with him, and on January 27, 2022, they appeared at the victim’s jewelry store after opening. First, the older man went in and asked the victim, who was alone, to show him the gold chains in the shop window. Meanwhile, his companion entered the room and pointed the gas-alarm weapon he had at the victim. The victim then told the defendants to take away the valuables in the store, but despite this, the two defendants attacked the man, punched him several times in the head and put the tray containing 83 gold rings worth nearly HUF 4.5 million into the sports bag. The aggrieved seller tried hard to prevent the bag from being taken away, so the defendants left it and the gas-disarming weapon at the scene, and then fled the scene.

The defendants ran to the Fiat Seicento car parked nearby, while two passers-by tried to catch up with them. The Serbian defendants got into the car and drove away. The police deployed several units to arrest them. Police chased the defendants in downtown Debrecen. They were caught around 10:30 a.m. after the brothers crashed into and damaged several vehicles parked at the corner of Csapó and Bercsényi streets with the car they used to escape.

At the time the crime was committed, the jewelry store contained more than HUF 48 million worth of jewelry and nearly HUF 4 million in cash, which the defendants wanted to acquire.

As a result of the abuse, the victim sustained injuries that healed within eight days, however, considering the manner, intensity and persistent nature of the abuse, there was a possibility that the injury would heal beyond eight days.

(Debrecen Court of Justice)

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