The martial artist who hit the policeman at a Hajdú-Bihar county festival was sentenced


The Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office brought the man in his early twenties to court within three days for the crime of violence against an official and the misdemeanor of light bodily harm.

On September 30, 2023, late at night, at a food festival organized in a settlement in Hajdúság, the police noticed that a drunk young man was fighting with someone in a wooded area on a street corner.

The police asked for reinforcements and then called on those involved in the fight to end their actions. The policewoman stepped between the parties and pushed one of them away, whereupon the drunk young man turned towards the other policeman in a boxing stance, with his hands already raised for punching, and then punched the lieutenant’s jaw with a quick and practiced movement.

As a result of the blow, the police lieutenant suffered an injury that healed within eight days.

The investigating prosecutor’s office ordered the detention of the man with no criminal record, interrogated him as a suspect, and then brought him to court within 72 hours using the speeding measures of the Criminal Procedure Act.

The Hajdúböszörmény District Court convicted the man in accordance with the charge and sentenced him to a cumulative sentence of 1 year and 2 months, suspended for 3 years of probation, and a fine of HUF 400,000. The verdict is not final, the prosecution appealed for aggravation, while the defendant and his defense attorney took note of the verdict.


Main picture: illustration.

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