A woman who offered sexual services robbed her clients


Two men regret that they got to know the 42-year-old woman who stole a wallet from one of them and phone from the other.

The suspect called the man late at night on September 15, 2023, to whom she offered sexual services. The 35-year-old man refused this, but the woman did not leave him, harassed him, and groped him while she stole the mobile phone from his pocket. However, the victim noticed and raised the matter, which turned into a heated argument. The woman did not want to return the device, she sprayed her casual acquaintance in the face with gas spray, who immediately notified the police. The patrolmen arrested the woman within two hours, and brought her to the captain’s office, where she was interrogated as a suspect. A mobile phone hidden in his shoe was also found.

The next day, the woman offered sexual services to a 54-year-old man in the Great Forest area, who picked her up in his car. The man noticed that his wallet was missing afterwards. He had documents in his wallet, which were later found by the police in the forest. The arrest of a woman unknown to the authorities took place in this case. The Criminal Division of the Debrecen Police Department detained him on reasonable suspicion of robbery and other crimes, and submitted a request for his arrest, which was ordered by the Debrecen District Court.


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