A pocket knife was found in a fight in front of a school in Debrecen


The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen brought charges of armed disorder and light bodily harm against a juvenile who settled his differences with a schoolmate by force.

According to the indictment, on November 2, 2022, in the afternoon, in front of a vocational school in Debrecen, the juvenile offender got into an argument with a schoolmate. During their disagreement, the accused punched his friend, which did not hit the boy. The perpetrator then took out his pocket knife and hit the boy on the head with the handle. He then opened the pocket knife and started waving it in front of the victim.

As a result of the perpetrator’s abuse, the boy suffered injuries that healed within eight days. The pocket knife used as a tool was suitable for taking human life, and the perpetrator’s defiantly anti-social and violent behavior was suitable for causing offense and alarm in others.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the boy, who confessed to the crime, of the crime of armed disorder and the misdemeanor of light bodily harm. In his indictment, he proposed that the Debrecen District Court issue a criminal order based on the case files, in which the accused should be placed on probation as a measure, and state that he is under probation during his probationary period.

(Debrecen Court)

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