Three men armed with a knife robbed a convenience store in a small settlement in Hajdú-Bihar county


The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the man and his juvenile companion, who, with the help of a young boy, robbed a local convenience store for alcohol and money for a more serious case of robbery and other crimes, writes

According to the indictment, on October 1, 2022, the 35-year-old man and the 15-year-old boy left together at noon from their common residence to a grocery store in a small town in Hajdú-Bihar county. The perpetrators were talking on the street in front of the store when the 12-year-old boy joined them. The man wanted to buy alcohol, but he had no money, so he decided to steal money and alcohol from the grocery store. He got the juvenile under his care and a person of child age to help him. They agreed that in order to get the money, they would go into the store with the juvenile, where the man would use the knife he had, and their childhood friend would watch on the street.

The defendants then entered the store, where the adult man bought two bottles of brandy, and then went to the cash register together. The seller entered the price of the drinks into the cash register, then the man took the knife out of his pocket, pressed it to the side of the cashier and demanded that he hand over the money in the cash register. The cashier resisted at first, but the man pressed the knife closer to him, so the victim opened the cash register in fear and handed over HUF 30,000. during this time, the juvenile defendant stood next to his co-accused.

The victim was not injured, and more than HUF 32,000 of the total theft damage of around HUF 35,000 was recovered, as the police in Hajdúhadháza confiscated the stolen money and one of the bottles of brandy from the man, which were later returned to the victim.

By persuading the 15-year-old under his supervision and the 12-year-old boy who joined them to participate in the commission of the crime, the adult defendant endangered their intellectual, emotional and moral development. The investigation authority closed the proceedings against the minor, as he cannot be punished due to his age.

The District Attorney’s Office in Debrecen charges the adult defendant who is under arrest with the crime of armed robbery committed in a group and the crime of endangering a minor, while the juvenile companion in custody is charged with the crime of armed robbery committed in a group as an accessory to a crime. In his indictment, he proposed that the Debrecen Magistrate’s Court sentenced the adult defendant to a prison sentence and a ban from public affairs, while ordering his partner to be educated in a correctional institution, as well as oblige them to pay the unreimbursed damages of the victim.

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