The police raided drug dealers in Hajdú-Bihar County


The police in Biharkeresztes received information that a man from Berekböszörmény and his 30-year-old son are selling new psychoactive substances and drugs in the village and the surrounding settlements. The investigators carried out detailed data collection and gathered a lot of evidence against S. Árpád and his son, H. Arnold, and then they were arrested on December 19, 2021, and then brought to the police station.

Mapping their network of connections resulted in the arrest of two more drug distributors. They regularly bought amphetamine derivatives from R. Sándor from Biharkeresztes, and from József G. József from Magyarhomorog, for resale purposes. The police searched several locations. White powder, drug-suspected plant debris, as well as the necessary equipment for measuring and packaging, were found and seized.

The investigators interrogated all four men as suspects, then took them into criminal custody and submitted a motion for their arrest, which the competent district court ordered on December 22, 2021, in the case of S. Árpád, R. Sándor, and G. József, while H. Arnold decided on criminal supervision.

As part of asset recovery, the police also seized cash and gold from men with no legal income.

During the detailed investigation, the circle of perpetrators was expanded by two more people. Imre K. was charged with drug possession, and János K. was investigated for misdemeanor abuse of a new psychoactive substance.

The Biharkereszestes Police Department conducted criminal proceedings against the father and son due to the well-founded suspicion of drug trafficking and the abuse of a new psychoactive substance, while Sándor R. was charged with drug trafficking and József G. with the abuse of a new psychoactive substance. you have to answer for.

The police carried out the necessary procedural actions and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.

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