Three men broke into several storage facilities in Debrecen


On the afternoon of February 12, 2023, the Activity Control Center of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters received a call. The whistleblower says that his warehouse in Debrecen, on Kassai út, was broken into and various fishing equipment was stolen from it. After the signal, the police immediately went to the scene and collected data. It soon became clear that several containers had been broken into, and a man also reported the disappearance of his fishing rods to the uniformed officers.

The detailed investigation yielded results in a short time, the Debrecen prosecutors knocked on the addresses of the suspected perpetrators the next morning. Two residents of Hajdúhadháza were arrested, and their third companion was captured on February 14, 2023.

The members of the trio were interrogated and taken into criminal custody. All three confessed. The detectives seized the stolen fishing equipment and returned it to the owners.

The Criminal Division of the Debrecen Police Department initiated proceedings against them due to the well-founded suspicion of two counts of theft and seven counts of attempted theft.

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