Train Hit and Killed Cyclist in Bocskaikert


Firefighters were alerted about an accident that had happened at the Állomás út crossing. At the time of the accident, the light barrier and half barrier were working properly.


According to Mávinform, a train (6232) leaving Debrecen for Záhony at 9:38 on Monday morning hit a cyclist at the Állomás út railway crossing in Bocskaikert. The victim died on the spot. Until the site investigation is completed – expected until 1 p.m. – trains can only run on one track between Apafa and Hajdúhadház, the journey time on the Záhony main line may increase by 15-30 minutes. The passengers of the train (6232) involved in the accident have been transferred to the next train (6242) heading to Záhony with the help of the disaster management (professional firefighters from Debrecen will assist in the safe transfer of the fifty-five passengers, the Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate announced).

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