The man who threatened to behead the policemen was legally sentenced to prison in Debrecen


For the crime of violence against an official person, the court sentenced the man who threatened to behead the police officers in Berekböszörmény, Hajdú-Bihar county, to two years and eight months in prison.

Dénes Dobó informed us that the court upheld the judgment of the District Court of Debrecen, acting at first instance, thus becoming final. At the same time, the court also ordered the subsequent execution of a two-year prison sentence imposed in a sentence that had become final, since the man committed the crime under the scope of a suspended prison sentence.

According to the facts, on January 29, 2022, the police arrived at a property in Berekböszörmény following an emergency call from the defendant’s spouse. The patrols wanted to get the defendant certified, but he refused to submit to the measure in his drunken state.

The man threatened to kill and decapitate one of the police officers if he set foot on the property. The defendant threatened the reinforcements that arrived later with the same.

It was known to the police that the defendant had previously seriously injured a person with a sword, so they acted with extra caution.

The man prevented the police from taking action for about an hour, finally, the police resisted, then used physical coercion and arrested him, the spokesperson said.



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