21-Year-Old Victim of Last Week’s Traffic Accident on Vágóhíd Street Wanted to Be a Policeman


The whole city of Létavértes mourns the boy who died last week in a traffic accident in Debrecen.


New details have come to light about the 21-year-old man who died in the fatal accident in Debrecen that occurred on Saturday.

As we reported earlier, the innocent driver died on the Vágóhíd street overpass after a 19-year-old driver crossed into his lane and their cars collided head-on. The at-fault driver and his passenger were hospitalized with minor injuries. The other driver suffered so serious head injuries that his life could not be saved.

RTL Híradó found out that the victim of the accident – Attila Mázló from Létavérts – had wanted to become a policeman. The 21-year-old man was on his way home from a meeting with his friends when the tragedy happened. Attila worked as an armed security guard and later wanted to be a police officer. The news of the accident shocked everyone in the town. The cause of the tragedy is still being investigated by the police, so far it is known that the driver who crossed into the opposite lane did not consume any alcohol.


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