Tragedy in Görbeháza: Young Man Shots Himself on the Street


A tragic event shook the residents of Görbeháza at dawn on Saturday: a young man turned his gun on himself in the open street.

On Tuesday afternoon, the editorial office of received the news that a terrible death occurred in the Polgár area last weekend.

“The man was a young policeman. I know because one of the guys from the guard had coffee here the other day, and I saw that he had changed his profile picture on Facebook: a black image. He said it was because one of his colleagues had died”,  the innkeeper told the press. Then others joined the conversation, according to the available information, the man committed suicide near the sports field, and there could be a love affair in the background.

In Görbeháza, people said they had heard about the incident, but did not know much about what exactly happened. There were those who heard that the person shot himself in the chest, while others said that he shot himself in the head. An older local man knows that the young man was from Margita, and that his separation with his lover led to the tragedy. And a young man said he knew the deceased, who was a 23-year-old police officer and served in Polgár. He also confirmed the fact of love grief.

The Hajdúnánás Police Department is investigating the circumstances of the death during a public administrative procedure. There was no suspicion of embezzlement, wrote.


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