The police cracked down on tuned cars that were disturbing the public in Debrecen


The Debrecen police and the employees of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office filtered out irregularly modified cars and dangerous drivers from traffic.

The police received several complaints from the public about the recent increase in the number of drivers driving irregularly and modified vehicles at night. According to experience, in addition to so many irregularities, drivers regularly disturb the tranquility of the city’s residents with their cars modified without a permit.

Responding to public reports, police officers from the Debrecen Police Department and experts from the Transport, Technical Licensing, Metering, and Consumer Protection Department of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office held a joint inspection in September 2022 in Debrecen.

As a result of the joint work, infringement reports were filed against 13 drivers for unlicensed conversion, and the affected vehicles were also ordered to undergo an out-of-order periodic technical test.

The most typical modifications affected the exhaust system, the chassis, the brake system, and the lighting equipment. In addition, measures were taken against drivers driving illegally in 11 other cases.

The police will continue to pay special attention to removing illegal drivers from traffic. Violators not only endanger themselves but also their driving partners. In addition, they disturb the tranquility of city residents with technically defective or modified vehicles. In addition to the daily traffic checks, the Debrecen Police Department will also conduct similar checks at varying times and locations in the future.

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