An argument turned into a fight between two drunk men in Debrecen


A loud argument and fight were reported to the police on September 17, 2022, around 7 p.m. Two men got into an argument in Debrecen, on Ibolya Street.

The police arrested a 24-year-old local resident on the spot, but his dispute partner was lying on the ground unconscious with a bleeding head, and an ambulance was immediately called. Medical examinations later established that the victim suffered serious, life-threatening injuries.

According to the investigation, the 24-year-old suspect was drinking together with his later victim, the 55-year-old man. They argued, and then the young man started hitting his friend.

During the questioning of the suspect, the man confessed, and he must answer on the basis of the well-founded suspicion of having committed the crime of life-threatening bodily harm. Detectives from the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters took him into criminal custody and submitted a motion for his arrest, reports


Picture: illustration.

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