A 15-year-old boy threatened an elderly man with a brush cutter in Berekböszörmény


An elderly man was robbed in his home in Berekböszörmény on May 16 around 10 p.m. After the report, the officers immediately went to the scene and interviewed the victim. He reported an unknown young man holding a brush cutter and demanding money from him. He handed over HUF 770 in cash to his attacker, who then hurriedly left the property. Police.hu has published a case against him due to well-founded suspicions of armed robbery and trespassing.

The police carried out detailed data collection and witness research, as a result of which the suspected perpetrator was identified within a few hours. The 15-year-old local resident was arrested at his home, then taken into criminal custody after being questioned as a suspect.

The young man made a detailed confession, also handed over the HUF 770 to the investigators, and showed where he hid the brushcutter after committing the crime.

The Biharkeresztes Police Station of the Berettyóújfalu Police Department conducted proceedings against him on the basis of well-founded suspicions of the crime of armed robbery and trespassing. The police carried out the necessary procedural actions and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.



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