18-Year-Old Boy Kills His Father With One Headshot


The 18-year-old young man who shot his father near Szulok up close on May 20th was arrested in Budapest on Sunday.

After killing his father, the boy fled to the capital with two guns and 300 ammunitions, MTI writes.

L. Martin, 18, killed his father, who was a professional hunter, when the man gutted a wild boar killed by a German guest hunter. The young man recorded the murder. According to the police, L. Martin then remained on the banks of the Drava river, but later returned to the scene to remove the traces, covering the body with branches and leaves. After the murder, he brought two guns and 300 rounds of ammunition from his home in Barcs and then traveled to Budapest, where he took a room in a hotel.

L. Martin justified his act on the grounds that he wanted to do world-saving things for mankind that his father — the incarnate evil, the Antichrist — would have prevented. The perpetrator has been detained on suspicion of murder and misuse of firearms and ammunition, and a psychiatrist will be involved in the proceedings.



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