An indictment was filed against the teacher who abused the children entrusted to her


The Veszprém District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the teacher who endangered the physical, moral, and intellectual development of the children entrusted to her with the crime of endangering a minor and committing minor bodily harm.

According to the indictment, the 56-year-old offender had worked as a teacher for more than two decades and had been teaching in a primary school in Veszprém County since 2013, where she was known for her excessive rigor and methods of discipline. Her treatment was often at odds with the age-specific characteristics of the children, as she repeatedly used harsh, humiliating, and obscene terms, and if the students did not understand the curriculum, she had kicked their schoolbags and cut their exercise books.

Two siblings came under her upbringing, the boy became her pupil at the age of 8 in 2017, and his sister at the age of 7 in 2019. The teacher used similarly harsh methods against both of them, and when she didn’t like the children’s behavior, she also abused them. The little boy was once hit , which caused him to bleed from his mouth, after which the accused sent him to the bathroom and then sent him to physical education class. Because of her faulty homework, the teacher repeatedly made derogatory expressions about the little girl’s intellectual abilities, she was subject to punishment or tearing almost all the pages out of her notebook because of bad homework. In early 2020, after a bad task, the teacher hit the child on the bench, who fell back as a result and hit his head on the bench behind him.

The boy did not dare to speak to his foster parents for a long time, only after learning that his sister was being treated cruelly by his teacher, he reported what had happened to him. The children were then enrolled in another school where their problems ceased.

The prosecutor’s office filed a petition with the Veszprém District Court for the imposition of a suspended custodial sentence on the teacher and forbidding the court from prohibiting him from engaging in any education or supervision of persons under the age of eighteen.

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