The police checked the offenders in Debrecen with a drone


Once again, the traffic police in Hajdú-Bihar county operated with a drone, and they paid special attention to the safety of dangerous intersections.

In order to improve traffic safety, the staff of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters started coordinated, increased road traffic inspections in the county, as a result of which on May 10, 2022, compliance with the priority rules on the main road No. 4 was intensified.

In order to detect offenders more effectively, uniformed people also watched the most critical points in terms of traffic safety with drones. As a result, police took action against a total of 27 drivers.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters is planning further traffic inspections of a similar nature for the rest of the year. Road users are always asked to follow the rules of the road. Do not endanger yourself and other road users by driving in violation of the rules and breaking them!

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