The man’s hair wasn’t cut in a hair salon, so he kicked the mall door


A security guard at a shopping center in Debrecen reported to the police on 11 October 2021 at around 11 am that a man had kicked in one of the photocell doors of the building. The applicant also said that the perpetrator had already fled the scene. The uniformers immediately began searching for the man based on the ID they received, but not long after, another announcement was made to the emergency call this time that the man had returned to the mall. He was captured by patrols and then taken to the police station, where investigators interrogated him as a suspect.

The 26-year-old local resident testified. He said he decided to cut his hair after a sleepy night. He set a hairdressing salon in one of the malls, but because of his drunkenness, the people who worked there did not serve him. The man became so angry that he kicked into the glass door of the building as he left. He walked a bit and then returned to the mall for lunch.

The Debrecen Police Headquarters launched an investigation into the suspect on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of committing a riot and vandalism offense.


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