A robber beat two people on the street in Debrecen


A man reported to the police on July 14, 2021, around 2 o’clock, that he and his friend had been abused and almost robbed in Debrecen, on Balmazújváros Road. The officers immediately went to the scene and listened to the victims, then began witness research as well as data collection. Based on the information obtained, they had an accurate description of the perpetrator who was apprehended near the scene within an hour. The 28-year-old local resident was taken to the police station, where he was detained in criminal custody after a suspect was questioned and a motion was made to arrest him.

According to the investigation, the suspect complained that the victims were listening to music on the street. Although they were already in the industrial area of ​​the city, outside the residential area, he decided that he would teach them a lesson. He hit them both and instructed them to apologize to him and his girlfriend who was with him. His request was granted, but it was not enough for him. First, he took an iron pipe from the trunk of his bike, then pulled a knife out of his pocket and demanded money and valuables from them. At his interrogation, he made a detailed confession to the investigators.

The Debrecen Police Headquarters launched an investigation against him on suspicion of committing an armed robbery crime and an attempt to commit a serious bodily injury.



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