A mother who stabbed her child twenty times was sentenced to fourteen years in prison in Debrecen


The Debrecen Judgment Board sentenced the mother in Felsőzsolca, who killed her child, to fourteen years in prison. The defendant will not be able to exercise parental custody of her minor children in the future, a panel court spokesman said on Wednesday.

Ildikó Fórizs said that in February the Miskolc Court of First Instance sentenced the accused H. N. to sixteen years in prison for the crime of murder. The prosecutor appealed against the verdict for aggravation, acquittal and mitigation of the accused and her counsel.

According to the facts, the woman lived with her family in Felsőzsolca, where she and her partner raised four minor children. In 2018, the accused became pregnant again, but she kept this a secret, did not go for maternity care, and did not seek medical care.

Locked in one of the rooms in their apartment in February 2019, she gave birth to a healthy child and then stabbed the newborn twenty times with a sharp object around his neck, thus killing the baby.



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