Dead body of the suspect in the double homicide in Szeged was found


Police found the body of a man who, on reasonable suspicion, killed two acquaintances in Szeged on Saturday night, a spokesman for the Csongrád-Csanád County Police Headquarters informed MTI on Monday.


Szilvia Szabó stated that the man had ended his life with his own hands, his body and the instrument of the crime had been found in Szanazug in Békés County. The man killed two people with several shots on Saturday night. The victims were found by relatives on Sunday night.

Investigators soon identified a man with a well-founded suspicion of the crime, whose search, in conjunction with the Counter-Terrorism Center, began immediately. On Monday morning, the suspect’s car was spotted from a Standby Police helicopter in the Sanazug area, and then police also found the man’s body.

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