It was a bad idea to steal the unguarded bag in Hajdúszoboszló


The Hajdúszoboszló Police Headquarters prosecuted a resident of Orosháza for a well-founded suspicion of fraud. According to the investigation, the suspect was in a clothing store in Hajdúszoboszló around 5 pm on November 27, 2020, when he became aware of a bag left unattended, which he had taken with him. When he left, he told the seller that he would take it after his owner, but after leaving the store, he took more than 2 million forints worth of foreign currency out of his wallet and discarded the bag.

Following the victim’s report, the staff of the Hajdúszoboszló and Püspökladány Police Departments carried out an extensive data collection, which resulted in the identification of the alleged perpetrator. Police arrested the 37-year-old man on December 15, 2020, then produced him and interrogated him as a suspect. He made a confession.

The Criminal Department of the Hajdúszoboszló Police Headquarters carried out the necessary procedural acts and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.

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