Car and Train Collide in Mezőtárkány – Delays Expected


There was an accident in Mezőtárkány, a car collided with a train, Mávinform and Disaster Management reported on Wednesday morning. Delays are to be expected on the Füzesabony-Debrecen railway line.


A car collided with a train in Mezőtárkány, at the Dózsa György út railway crossing. A telecommunication pole was also damaged as a result of the collision. Ambulances also arrived at the scene, the disaster management informed MTI. Passenger train number 6639 from Füzesabony to Debrecen collided with a car at the railway crossing at the Mezőtárkány station.

No one was injured on the train, Mávinform wrote on its Facebook page. During the site investigation, train traffic between Füzesabony and Poroszló will be suspended, and MÁV-Start will provide a replacement bus to transport passengers, they added.


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