Car Ran Into Ditch Between Nyíracsád and Nyírábrány


The 33-year-old driver drank alcohol before sitting in the car. He suffered minor, while his two passengers suffered severe injuries in the crash that happened yesterday (28th May) between Nyíracsád and Nyírábrány at about nine in the evening.


Police received a report on 28th May around 9 pm that a car had been driven into a ditch and overturned between Nyírábrány and Nyíracsád, on road 4904. The police immediately went to the scene where three men were found in the car.

An alcohol probe was used against the driver, which showed a positive value.

Based on the on-site inspection, the driver was driving too fast, he lost control of the car, drifted off the road and ran into a ditch. Further circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the Debrecen Police Headquarters.

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