A car crashed into the yard of the building from the Vágóhíd street overpass in Debrecen


A car crashed from an overpass into the yard of a building in Debrecen, Buda Ézsaiás Street on Tuesday night, the county disaster management announced.

A man was traveling by car on May 25, 2021, at around 11 pm in Debrecen, on the overpass on Vágóhíd Street in the direction of Attila Square. As he drove, the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the overpass, slamming against the lane barrier. The car spun around its axle several times, then landed on a woody-bushy part, breaking through the fence of the Debrecen Police Headquarters. The driver of the vehicle, as well as one of its passengers, got out of the car and started running, leaving behind a third companion who got stuck in the car.

Police caught the two men not far from the scene within minutes. Both of them were taken to the police station, where it was also revealed that the driver never had a driver’s license and that he brought the car from his workplace without the knowledge of his employer.

Their friend, who was trapped in the car, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries by ambulance staff based on the primary medical opinion.

The 22-year-old driver was detained by the Debrecen Police Headquarters for driving offenses without a license, and criminal proceedings were instituted against him for a well-founded suspicion of a misdemeanor and arbitrary seizure of a road traffic accident. The authority is also investigating the criminalization of failure to provide assistance in the case of both men.



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