“Catch him, thief!” – there was a persecution scene at Tesco in Debrecen


An out-of-duty policeman became aware Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Kishegyesi út store that a young man was running to leave the building, followed by a security guard shouting out loud, “Catch him, thief!”. The young sergeant did not hesitate to follow the man.

As he ran, he repeatedly called on the fugitive to stop and even told him he was a police officer, but the stranger, after hearing this, started running faster. Unfortunately for him, the out-of-service officer caught up with him soon after. The sergeant’s colleagues arrived at the scene within minutes and handcuffed the alleged perpetrator.

In his bag, beauty and clothing items worth nearly 70,000 forints were found, so he was taken to the police station. The 27-year-old resident of Hajdúhadház was interrogated by investigators on well-founded suspicions of the crime of theft.



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