The Debrecen police saved a woman’s life


Thanks to the presence and professional care of the officers, a woman’s life has been saved.

On May 5, 2021, shortly after midnight, a report was received at the Activity Management Center of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters that a woman from Debrecen had left her home by car to visit a relative, but did not arrive there and was not available on her phone. The patrols on duty received the details of the vehicle and the woman’s identity.

Two hours later, police learned that they had seen a woman in a state of confusion on Nagyerdei Boulevard, presumably in trouble. officers found a car at that location, which matched the missing woman’s car.

The patrols found the woman hundreds of feet away, with serious injuries on her body, bleeding heavily.

Lévai Erika r. Sergeant, László Olajos r. Ensign, Balogh Ádám r. Sergeant, Mihály Szabó r. Staff Sergeant, Staff Sergeant Tímea Puskás and Police Officer Anna Bocskai Ibolya immediately started taking care of the person. A compression bandage was used to stop the bleeding, and the woman was covered with a blanket to prevent cooling and they remained with her until the ambulance service arrived. The woman’s life was saved thanks to professional care, and after her condition stabilized, ambulances took her to the hospital.

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