Weekend reports in Debrecen



The chimney of an uninhabited house in Hosszúpályi, Nyár utca, fell dangerously on Saturday morning. Municipal and Konya volunteer firefighters intervened at the scene and eliminated the danger through a plug ladder with the help of a lifeline.

The carbon monoxide sensor was signaled yesterday morning in Berekböszörmény, Bocskai Street. Professional firefighters from Berettyóújfalu marched to the site, who took measurements and detected the presence of toxic gas. No personal injury occurred during the incident.

At noon, in Debrecen, in Krónikás street, and in the afternoon in Vezér street, the carbon monoxide sensor indicated. Both places were marched by professional firefighters from Debrecen, who proved the presence of dangerous gas during their measurements. There were no personal injuries in either case. The gas supplier excluded faulty gas appliances from the system.

The three-meter branch of an eight-meter-high tree broke down at noon on Dugovics Titusz Street in Debrecen yesterday. Professional firefighters from Debrecen marched to the scene, who eliminated the danger with the help of a chainsaw.

A twenty-five square meter abandoned building burned down last night in Debrecen, on Vágóhíd Street. Professional firefighters in Debrecen extinguished the fire with a jet of water and hand tools.

A caravan on an empty plot caught fire last night in Gebrics Street, Debrecen. The professional firefighters in Debrecen extinguished the flames with a jet of water. There was a man in the caravan who was not injured in the incident. As part of a civil protection measure, he moved into another caravan, also located on the property.


Firefighters intervened at several locations on Sunday due to an open fire. In Hosszúpályi, in the Sandstone Plant, the municipal and cognitive volunteer firefighters were alerted, who extinguished the fire with hand tools. The Avar burned on five hectares in Nyírmihálydi, Rákóczi Street. The professional firefighters of Nyíradony and the municipal firefighters of Szabolcs broke the fire with a jet of water, hand tools and a puttony syringe. Later, the units also marched to Nyírmihálydi, Kossuth Street, and the Avar flame on five hundred square meters. The professional firefighters of Nyíradony extinguished the fire with a jet of water.

A twenty meter tree fell on the rail of the Small Railway on Sunday afternoon in Debrecen, on Acsádi út. Professional firefighters from Debrecen intervened with a chainsaw.


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