Yesterday’s reports in Hajdú-Bihar county


Smoke flowed back from the stove in a room of a family house. The incident took place in Tiszavasvár, Déryné Street, at Thursday dawn. Three children slept in the affected room. The family called the ambulance service. In addition to the ambulances, the city’s municipal firefighters and professional firefighters from Hajdúnánás also intervened at the scene. The units inspected the housing and heater and made measurements. The three children were transported to the hospital by the ambulance service, and firefighters closed the stove.

In the afternoon, firefighters were also alerted to Szentpéterszeg, Republic Street, due to carbon monoxide. Professional firefighters in Berettyóújfalu carried out measurements that showed the presence of dangerous gas. The gas supplier has excluded the gas appliance from the system. No one was injured in the incident because the elderly man living there was signaled by a carbon monoxide sensor.

The reeds burned yesterday in Hajdúhadház, Árpád Street. The professional firefighters of Hajdúböszörmény and Debrecen extinguished the flames with a jet of water and hand tools.

Two cars collided in the afternoon on Szotyori Street in Debrecen. Professional firefighters from Debrecen freed the driver of one of the crashed cars using a tension-cutting device. The ambulance service took the driver to the hospital.

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