Man hits police officer with a chair


The 20-year-old man from Borsod who attacked police officers on Wednesday was detained; the Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office has accused him of a crime against an official, armed violence, and is investigating him for bodily harm, the Central Investigation Prosecutor’s Office told MTI.

According to their announcement, on February 17, during the night hours, a man suspected of committing a crime attacked investigators taking follow-up action against him. An intoxicated young man with a criminal record – including a criminal offense for property offenses and already convicted of a property violation – committed theft with his accomplice in a grocery store in Borsod on Wednesday, noting the acts were recorded by a security camera; based on the recordings, the police identified the perpetrator, so a search was planned at his residence.

When the man noticed that the police were stopping in front of the property, he began to flee, but one of the police officers asked him to stop. After repeated calls, the man suddenly turned to face the detective and grabbed a chair in the yard, and hit the policeman’s head. After the detective averted the blow, suffering from bruising injuries, he took the chair and handcuffed the man with the help of his companion.

The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office ordered his detention; the suspect denied committing the crime charged against him. The investigating prosecutor’s office is proposing an arrest, which will be decided by the investigating judge of the Debrecen District Court on Friday, the Central Investigating Prosecutor’s Office indicated.

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