MODEM Celebrating Its 16th Birthday Today

Culture Party Zone

With opening an exhibition, crypto world and techno music.


Date: Saturday (1st October) 1:00 p.m.

Venue: MODEM Debrecen

Program: MODEM’s 16th birthday party


Do you want to be part of a really cool birthday? On the occasion of MODEM’s 16th birthday, they are preparing a series of exciting programs and a wild party for you: New Mediations exhibition opening, Technokunst party, and a look behind the scenes of the crypto world.


13:00 DEBRECEN CRYPTO DAY – with the biggest experts in the Hungarian crypto world

Speakers: Attila Pinke – Blockchain expert, Youtuber Dr. Dániel Janó – Blockchain expert, Youtuber Gábor Nagy – Blockchain expert, Cryptofalka Dr. Béla Lóránt Kovács – Méliusz library director, NFT Deb organizer Józsa Bence – Crypto mining expert, Asicminerz Dr. Gábor Topolay – Economic journalist, Forbes David Taylor – Token Architect – Next Earth, Co-Founder – Krypteus

18:00 NEW MEDIATIONS OPEN Guided tour with curator Krisztián Török and birthday toast

Exhibiting artists: Róbert Batykó, Arno Beck, Birds of Cool (Márton Gresa, Dániel Kármán, László Németh [Laca], Levente Radvánszki), Maja Djordjevic, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Oli Epp, Liam Fallon, Tim Freiwald, Christian Holze, Keresztesi Botond, Márton Nemes , Harrison Pearce, Aaron Scheer

19:00 TECHNOKUNST – techno performance

Speakers: Isu, Valens, MZ/Y aka Mesterházy (live), Thomas Borza, Dirty Ice Visual: Fénysövi

More details: *The exhibition opening and Debrecen Crypto Day are free for everyone! *From 6:30 p.m., entrance fee for the Technokunst party: HUF 1,200.

* Visitors who attend the exhibition opening and Crypto Day can party for free to the music of Technokunst starting at 7 p.m.

Online ticket purchase:

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