Sziget Festival Returning in 2022

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Sziget Festival, one of the largest annual music and cultural festivals in Europe, will return between August 10 and 15 next year, the organisers said.


“We’re already involved in talks with performers and chances are good that some big stars will make the festival’s long-awaited return even more memorable,” the event’s chief organiser, Tamás Kádár, said. After the cancellation of the 2020 Sziget Festival, the organisers decided this May to cancel the 2021 event too because of the uncertainties linked to star performers’ travel, accommodation and catering services and immunity certificates. They said the cancellation allowed them to focus better on preparing next year’s event. Kádár said at the time that the two cancelled festivals made the lives of the organisers, the companies and workers linked to the events, as well as many in the industry, including musicians, catering services and technical support, very difficult. This year’s two other large annual music festivals, Telekom VOLT in Sopron and Balaton Sound in Zamárdi, were cancelled in March.


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