Today’s Programmes

Culture Party Zone

Today is the first day of astronomical spring, the March equinox. See today’s programmes here.
Sesztina Gallery in Hal köz (11 March – 14 April, 2012)
“Nyitás” (“Opening”) – Chamber exhibition by János Aknay (painter) and Károly Balanyi (graphic and glaze artist)

Kölcsey Center, Bényi Árpád Hall (11 March – 11 April, 2012)
21th Spring Exhibition

10:00 am – 6:00 pm, MODEM (21 January 2012 – 29 April 2012)
7 Billion Human Brains, or So
Exhibition by László feLugossy

Nagyerdei Culture Park (Zoo and Amusement Park)
19-23 March: Week of Water
Getting to know wetlands and waterworld

Parties and Concerts
7:00 PM, Kölcsey Center – Tzumo Trio
8:00 PM, Mátyás Pince – Etnokuckó
Neon City & Garden – Neon Tuesday Club Night

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