“Comedy is an art form, not a sport! – Interview with Kalman Pechy, Producer of Festival Comedy Stage SZIGET

 The SZIGET Festival is over, unfortunately, but this year we found the happiest location to be on.  If you are planning to attend the SZIGET next year, don’t miss visiting the  Festival Comedy Stage – you won’t be disappointed if you want to meet with super funny, international star comedians.

The university festival venue attracted tens of thousands of people at the Campus Festival

This year’s Campus Festival set a record, with 116,000 people attending one of Hungary’s biggest summer cultural events, the organizers announced on Monday. The university programs of the festival were also of great interest. Tens of thousands visited the stands and stage of the University of Debrecen during the four days.

For the first time in the history of the Campus Festival, the full house board was displayed

The 14th Campus Festival ended at dawn on Sunday, the last night featured Majka, the iconic British punk-rock legend The Toy Dolls, this summer’s domestic hit Valmar, as well as Wellhello, Pokolgép, Csannekedkislány, and the British Goodboys, the memorable performances of the German Christian Löffler and the Dutch Jungle By Night awaited the visitors. The […]

Chancellor Zoltán Bács took the stage at the Campus Festival

The audience could hear rock classics, legendary progressive rock compositions and their own songs from the Android band, which has several university citizens in its ranks, at the Campus Festival on the University Square. As a surprise guest, Chancellor Zoltán Bács also took the stage with the band, the University of Debrecen reported.