New diseases may appear in Hungary due to the long mosquito season


The mosquito season in Hungary has become longer compared to previous years, which is why we can expect the appearance of new diseases – according to the University of Pécs.

According to the announcement, the research group dealing with disease vectors of the National Laboratory of Virology at the University of Pécs has been monitoring the situation and spread of biting mosquitoes in Hungary and the diseases they carry for a decade and a half.

They pointed out that, based on their research results and observations, the presence of mosquitoes is not only a feature of the spring and summer months, invasive species such as the Japanese scrub mosquito and the Korean mosquito can be observed hatching as early as February, and the Asian tiger mosquito can be encountered until the end of October.

The reasons for this are, in addition to the mild winter, the rainwater collectors at the base of the houses, the tires used as weights in many places in the gardens, and the temperate environment of greenhouses and ornamental plant departments in department stores, which serve as a favorite wintering place for invading mosquitoes, they pointed out.
They emphasized that scientific results and European experience indicate that in the coming years, the phenomenon will increase and eventually the emergence of new diseases.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the chemical fogging method currently used nationally is not suitable against invasive species, and it also entails a serious ecological loss, to assess which the researchers are asking for the public’s help by participating in the Insect Picnic program.

They pointed out that the solution is in our hands: the public can provide researchers with extremely valuable data by using a phone application and by participating in community scientific programs such as the Mosquito Alert application or the Pécs Mosquito website.

In a single neglected garden, thousands of biting mosquitoes can hatch and make the everyday life of the people in the area miserable, therefore the invasion of mosquitoes can be prevented by consciously tidying up the gardens, eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, or using biological treatment, they pointed out.

They added that the research group also helps the population in effective protection with several educational materials, useful advice and environmentally friendly solutions on the Pécs Mosquito community site.


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