2023 Ends With Cloudy, But Spring-Like Weather


On December 31st, the fog and clouds will disperse slowly, especially east of the Danube, and may even remain throughout the day in a larger area of ​​the Northern Central Mountains, in these areas drizzle, possibly tin drizzle may occur, reports Kiderül.

According to the forecast, it will be sunny and partly cloudy elsewhere. From the late afternoon, cloudiness will begin in the less cloudy parts of the North Transdanubia, at which time rain and showers are no longer excluded in the northwestern and northern border regions. Strong gusts of wind may occur in several places, and the southerly wind will even strengthen in Northern Transdanubia. The highest daytime temperature is expected to be between 2 and 6 degrees in the more persistently cloudy and foggy regions, and mostly between 7 and 15 degrees elsewhere. By late evening, the air mostly cools down between 2 and 9 degrees.




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