Viktor Orbán: 2024 will be a hopeful year


The Prime Minister considers next year to be hopeful. Viktor Orbán said in his program on Friday, on Radio Kossuth Good morning, Hungary! that in 2024, the Hungarian people will work to make things better, not to make things worse.

The Prime Minister assessed that 2023 was the most dangerous year, due to inflation, sanctions and the energy crisis. He added that the Hungarian people worked this year “so that it doesn’t get worse, that is, they can protect what they have already achieved”. At the same time, he called next year a year of hope, stressing that in 2024 “we will work to make it better”.

He indicated that there are the first signs that this is not only a wishful dream, but also an achievable possibility, since the government will increase pensions by 6 percent, even if it turns out that inflation is only 5 percent. In February, they will be able to pay the already increased 13th monthly pension, and the actors of the economy have decided to increase the minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage by 10-15 percent.


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