You can now pay for ad-free Facebook in Hungary


You can now pay in Hungary if you want to use Facebook and Instagram without advertisements, wrote.

On November 7, several Hungarian users were greeted by Facebook and Instagram with the message that they had to make a decision about their continued use of the social network. You can subscribe to ad-free versions of social networking sites for a starting fee of EUR 9.99 per month (about HUF 3,800 at the current exchange rate). If we don’t pay, then everything will remain as it was, that is, we accept that Meta will continue to use the data collected about us when displaying ads.

If you want to use Facebook without ads on your phone, it costs a little more, the subscription fee for Android or iOS applications is 13 euros (approx. HUF 5,000) per month.

From March 1, 2024, new conditions will come into effect, from this date the subscription will cost an extra 6 euros (approx. 2,300 forints) for each additional account linked to the profile on the desktop computer, or 8 euros (approx. 3,000 forints) will be charged from Android and iOS users so that no advertisements appear in any of the accounts they manage.

Big tech companies like Meta introduced their monthly fee services as a response to the European Union’s stricter data protection regulations, although the operator of Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google, have built their business models to personalize advertisements based on user activity, which we see them while using their services, so we pay them with our data.


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