Meteorology: significant amounts of rain will arrive in several waves


The mild weather will last, but a significant amount of rain will arrive in several waves until the end of the week, according to a video published on the website of the National Meteorological Service on Tuesday.

According to the forecast, two cold fronts will bring the precipitation: one will pass over the Carpathian Basin on Tuesday night, and the other will arrive on Friday, when heavy, abundant rain can fall in most of the country.

On Tuesday night, rain and showers are expected in many places, thunderstorms may also develop in the southern part of the country, which may be accompanied by strong, stormy gusts of wind, but regardless of the thunderstorms, there may be stronger gusts in a larger area. Temperatures between 11 and 16 degrees Celsius are expected in the morning.

At dawn on Wednesday, the cloudiness will begin to break from the southwest and the precipitation will also cease, the cloudiness of the front and the connected precipitation zone will leave the country to the northeast. The sky will be moderately, intermittently very cloudy, and further showers are possible. The peak temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees.

On Thursday and Saturday, minor rain and showers may occur only sporadically. On Friday, however, there is a chance of more heavy, drenching rain, more than 10-20 millimeters of precipitation may fall in most parts of the country. After that, the weather becomes quieter for a few days, and the likelihood of fog increases with it.


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