A second-degree heat alarm has come into force in Hungary


A second-degree heat warning comes into effect on Monday at midnight, the warning valid for the entire country will be in effect until Wednesday at midnight.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, during the second heat wave of this summer, the temperature may reach 36-37 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the week. A Mediterranean cyclone determines the weather of most of Europe, the hot air also reaches the territory of Hungary.

The warming will continue in the first half of the week, and the nights and mornings will become milder and milder. A weak cold front may moderate the heat in the middle of the week.

The National Center for Public Health and the BM National Directorate General for Disaster Management has drawn attention to the fact that prolonged heat also puts a strain on a healthy body, but young children, the elderly, and people with cardiovascular disease are particularly at risk.

It is recommended that during the heatwave, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., everyone stays in a cool place, in the shade, and avoids physical work. In the heat, the body needs a larger amount of water than usual, so extra attention must be paid to fluid intake.

It was pointed out: children and animals should not be left in a car even with the windows down, the air in the vehicle can heat up to 70 degrees Celsius.


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