Emergency services were requested for a weird case: a man’s fist got stuck in his own mouth


Last week, a 30-year-old man was called to the rescue because his fist got stuck in his own mouth, the National Ambulance Service shared on its social media page.

It is known that the man tried to make a bet to see if his fisted hand would fit in his mouth, which he did after a long attempt, but he could not pull it out. The friends first smiled, then tried to help with force, which caused severe pain to the injured. The man hardly laughed at what happened, he kept his composure and breathed through his nose.

The rescue controller informed the whistleblower that, considering the current rescue capacity and the seriousness of the situation, he could not send an ambulance immediately. At the same time, he searched for the exact address of the nearest oral surgery clinic, which was only an 11-minute walk from the scene (6 minutes by public transport). The friends finally considered the situation and set off with the injured person, for whom an ambulance was not requested.

After 27 minutes, the injured person called the ambulance again, this time was able to speak and thanked the emergency dispatcher for being concerned about him, and asked, “Am I not the only one to whom this happened?” The emergency dispatcher reassured the man since similar cases occur almost every year.

(Debrecnei Nap)

Photo: Flickr/Iain Farrell

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