Barbi Palvin was engaged: she received a huge diamond ring from her partner

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A huge diamond ring shines on the finger of the Hungarian supermodel, although she has not yet officially shared the good news that she is engaged to her actor partner, Dylan Sprouse.

The lovers have been a couple for almost five years, and according to the news, their relationship has reached a new level. Although they haven’t officially announced their engagement yet, the staff of the foreign press stuck a huge diamond ring on Barbi Palvin’s finger. An insider told ET that the 29-year-old Hungarian supermodel has been “showing people her ring” ever since the former child star popped the question, and “they are so happy,” reports the ripost.

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse met at a party in 2017, after which the actor sent a message to Barbi on Instagram and tried to ask her out. He had to wait a very long time, as the Hungarian supermodel responded to his request after 6 months. Their first date was held in China in 2018, where Barbi flew for Dylan, who was filming there. She fell in love with the actor in the first minute.

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