The changeable weather continues this week in Hungary


The changeable weather will continue this week: it is expected to warm up at the beginning of the week, then the temperature will drop on the national holiday on March 15, and there may be rain in many places, snow in some places, and the wind will get stronger in many places. Warming will begin again in the second half of the week, according to the medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

Cloudy weather is expected in the southern parts of the country on Monday, while in the northern counties, the clouds will sometimes thicken – especially in the second half of the afternoon – but precipitation is unlikely there either. The wind from the south and southwest will be brisk, especially in North Transdanubia. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 12 and 18 degrees, but it can be a few degrees warmer in the southwest and cooler in the northeast.

On Tuesday, in the first half of the day, mainly veil and cumulonimbus clouds are to be expected, then from midday, the clouds will thicken from the west and northwest, and rain, showers, and even thunderstorms may develop in more and more places. There is less chance of precipitation in Tiszántúl. The south and south-west wind strengthens in many places and then turns to the north-west. On Tuesday, 0-10 degrees in the morning and 13-22 degrees in the afternoon are likely, the weather will be colder in the northeast and warmer in the southwest.

Overcast weather is expected on Wednesday, March 15. From the afternoon, the clouds will break from the west in Transdanubia, and the clouds will decrease, but the sky may remain overcast east of the Danube. By dawn on Wednesday, rain and dust can be expected in several areas, then during the day the continuous precipitation zone will move eastward, and the rain may be replaced by sleet and snow in some places. Showers are likely in some places in the west in the afternoon. The northwest and north winds will strengthen in many places, becoming stormy in some places. The lowest night temperature is between 1 and 7, the peak value is between 3 and 12 degrees, and the coldest weather will be in the rainy regions.

On Thursday, the thicker frontal cloud will move away from the northeast in the morning and it will be generally sunny with likely cumulus and veil clouds. There may be showers and snow showers in the northeast until Thursday morning, and then significant precipitation is no longer likely during the day. It will revive in several places, in some places the north and northwest wind may strengthen, and then the air movement will moderate. The minimum temperature is expected to be between minus 5 and plus 2, and the maximum between 7 and 13 degrees.

On Friday, we can expect partly cloudy, sunny and dry weather. The southeast wind is accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. The temperature may rise from minus 6 and plus 2 degrees to between 9 and 15 degrees in the morning.

On Saturday, sunny weather is expected, without precipitation. Vigorous gusts can accompany the south and southeast wind. The air can warm up from minus 3, plus 4 degrees at night to between 13 and 19 degrees.

On Sunday, mostly partly cloudy and sunny weather can be expected, no precipitation is expected. It will revive in several places, and the south and south-west wind may strengthen in some places. The minimum temperature is likely to be between 0 and plus 6, and the maximum between 15 and 21 degrees.



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